Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained

The True Meaning of Democracy

Reading Room: Chapter 24 Summary

Democratizing the Oligarchy

“… we may chance
Re-enter heaven; or else in some mild zone
Dwell, not unvisited of heaven’s fair light,

Power is the life-blood of government, as blood is for the human individual. New ideas, new perceptions, new energy, new motivation, are the equivalent of oxygen rich blood circulating throughout the body. Money in the arteries of government is the equivalent cholesterol in the arteries of our blood vessels. It thickens the arteries of government, resulting in diminution in fresh blood. It results in obesity, lethargy, an obsessive interest in consuming more of the very substance which is producing the debility.

In the United States, power clots have resulted in lack of oxygen to vital organs. It is a government that hobbles about on shaky legs, panting at the slightest exertion. The corporate money which returns the same house and senate members to their seats year after year has clogged the arteries of power. Power no longer flows through government. It coagulates and clots. Embolisms form. They get bigger and bigger. Congress becomes weaker and weaker. The only new blood is in the Presidency and so that is where the power flows.

One means of bringing government back to health is to set limits on the terms of those who serve in Congress. Under such a system Congress would become empowered by the infusion of new blood on a regular basis. The men and women who seek office would be less attentive to their corporate paymasters and more attentive to the common good.